New Crush

                I met him on POF, quite accidentally.  He had this amazing picture of him doing a tandem jump and it intrigued me to look over his page.  Each picture was more interesting than the last and it prompted me to read thru his profle.  It’s been some time that I found someone with a profile that had me reaching out to contact them.  My interest in him peaked by the time I finished reading his profile that I had no other choice but to send him a note. 

                And that’s how it started.  We conversed back and forth on a shared interest and was a thrill to talk to.  It wasn’t until several emails back and forth before he actually went and read thru my profile.  He was floored to say the least.  I wasn’t anyone he ever met and my Open Marriage and my venture into the BDSM world had him shocked and intrigued at the same time.  He stated we could just be friends and I was cool with that.  Chatting further we exchanged cell numbers and began texting.  I’m not one for giving up “personal information” but he was “friend” status and not more so I began breaking my rules.   We became facebook friends, with a strict no mentioning my OM or BDSM lifestyle on there.  Don’t need Mom to know about my freaky behavior. 

                Chatting further on the kinks he expressed a serious interest in going to the dungeon with me.  He felt he was vanilla but very intrigued on the toys and wanted to experience things.  I was thrilled!  I found him very attractive and really liked talking with him.  So I invited him to the next gathering of kinksters for a meet and greet.  This time I didn’t have feelings of he isn’t going to show or he is bullshitting me.  He had been very genuine with me and very curious.

                So our first meeting/date was at a Meet and Greet.  He met the host and I clued him on who was who.  And he didn’t get scared.  Afterwards a few of us went to dinner for sushi and had a blast.  Our date ended with the sweetest kiss that had me aching for more.  I was a giddy lil girl chomping at the bit.  I find out he has a weekday free and invited him let me know when he would like to get back together.

                We met yesterday.  Second date and oh momma.   I like kissing him.  A LOT.  With it being cold here we couldn’t go for a walk and I wanted to take him to my favorite Thai restaurant for lunch.  Why didn’t I just bring him home and sex him up?  Well..  friggin period got in the way AGAIN!    So he suggested we go to the mall.  Ok, that would work.       

                The mall was virtually empty being the morning hours and we had the place to ourselves.  Wandering around, I see a photo booth and steered him right to it.    We get in it.  Shut the curtains and started kissing.   I mentioned how cool it would be to fuck in one of these and he was sure we would tip it.  I think we may have to tes that theory.  After a little make out session we walked around more, laughing, talking and holding hands.  It was very sweet and exciting.  Surprisingly enough there are two photo booths in our mall!  Of course we had to go in both to make out.   Mmmm it was yummy.

                Around lunch time I took him to lunch and he really liked the food.  Mentioned bringing his parents there to eat.  He is a major sweetie!  After lunch, I noticed the time and realised time was growing short.  I would have to leave and go be a momma.  I asked him if he wanted to go park somewheres to make out.  He was very game.  So  quick ride and he was in my back seat with me straddling him having a hot make out session.

                The deeper and hotter the kissing became the more grind my pelvis in to his groin.  We kept our clothes on and clawed at each other, both wanting more.  Way more.  He pulled a breast out for easier access and began to nibble and kiss all over it.  As he hit the nipple I hissed and groaned, grinding  hard on him.  As he sucked my nipple into his mouth, I groaned “I’m gonna cum”.  Which prompted him to lay some serious attention to it.  As his teeth grazed and nipped, I felt the quickening rising and began to shake bringing me to a glorious orgasm.  The after shocks road thru me  that kept me shaking and intensified as we kissed.   He was thrilled to find I can orgasm this way and wanting to continue.  Oh I wanted to but time had gotten away with us and I was due home to collect my children.

                It’s been a long time since I crushed on someone and he’s in a position to fully enjoy what I have to offer.  I will enjoy this ride for all it’s worth!  And while Monday is our next date clothing is not optional!


Hey!  Remember me!?  The gal in the Open Marriage!  Yeah I’m still here and going strong.  Took a break from the blogging and didn’t have a whole lot to chat about.  It’s funny.  I look back on this blog and its been quite some time since I last had any sexual contact with someone I was seriously attracted to.  Couple years in fact!  Huh!  Guess it was high time that changed.

                So what have I been up to.  Well, been going to the dungeon.  Getting my freak on.  I like going there.  Different atmosphere and surrounded by openly sexual people that can be soothing to the soul.  But with most situations, drama follows.  Even in this sexually and accepting place, there are points of views and unstable people.  Mix that all up and you get some issues.  I don’t feel like getting into it.  Since it all was a few months ago.  And well.. old news, really.   Oh I know I’m suppose to entertain ya.  So I will give you this tidbit.  I got to ride a sybian.  Well..  I got to ride that puppy three times now.  You should definitely look it up on youtube if don’t know what I am talking about. 

                The fella that owned it was quite accomodating the first time I rode it.  I had my stupid period and he had an attachment that you could just sit on without anything entering you.  Just like the one Carmen used on Howard Stern’s show.  He saran wrapped the whole thing and changed it everytime a new gal wanted to play with it.  His one rule was that he controlled the speed and intensity you were feeling.  Which I was totally fine with him being in control, I liked my job was just to feel!   

With my first time, I had several guys playing with my breasts and one used Vampire gloves  on my back and neck.  The sensations of varying arrays of pleasure from the sybian and the vampire gloves while manipulations on my breasts made for a intensive orgasms.  It took longer for me to achieve them due to the biting pain of the gloves but ultimately it was quite a lovely experience.   The other two times,  did penetration  and  was able to achieve orgasms quicker due the intense pleasure without the pain.  It is a must ride experience ladies! 

Toilet Slaves

Online dating sites are boring the shit outta me. So much so that I have decided to quit perusing them and go more risqué routes. This came to me as I was talking to a vanilla sex man who pointed out that I just may not be into that anymore. The dude made a valid point. Since Hubby is the one that I seem to want to play vanilla with. I love what he does and it works.
I opened up a new profile on a very pervy site as a dominating female. Since doing so, I have found one very interesting sub male, I would like to meet and possibly play with. And they want me to be a bitch! How perfect is that for me 😉
Today I am weeding thru my many emails and I come across one from a Mistress that read over my profile and noticed I love to laugh. She had asked me to open my yahoo messenger and send a message to a slave of hers. I was to demand that he make me laugh and give him a high number.
This made me a little cautious and leery. Ya know the scammy crap out there or bots trying to steal your credit card numbers. So I sent the slave a message of “make me laugh.. 48” a few moments went by and I get a message back. Hello Miss, brb.
Impatiently I waited. And thought WTH?! Should I throw a tantrum.. and the next thing I notice is that he asks me to accept a webcam from him. Um… a moment of thinking.. gee.. don’t do it! I click accept. And up pops a cute guy. OH.. ok!
He then types that he is to dunk his head into his toilet as many times as I told him to. I type back. Soo.. that means you gotta do it 48 times. He types back that’s right. And then props his webcam up so that I can see the toilet and might I say here, it was clean. He then proceeds to dunk his head in it. And well.. after the initial shock wore off after the 5th dunk, I burst out laughing. I couldn’t help but ring up my bestie, Sassyslut waking her to tell her about it. It was just too hilarious not to share! So yeah, sharing here too.
Perusing the Mistress’s profile, I find that this is her kink! Bravo! She likes to have a toilet slaves. Who da thunk it!? Yeah, I am loving this new site and avenue. I’m having some seriously young boys wanting me to do the oddest things to them. One even wants to become a eunuch. I was not going to touch that one. LOL
Conversing further with the Mistress, she tells me that she has bunch of these toilet slaves and tells me to call this same slave to ridicule him some more and to ask him what his purpose is to her. Boy.. he cracked me up by dunking his head 48 times in the toilet. Oh, damn.. curiosity killed this cat! I ring him up.
He tells me his purpose is to be a toilet slave for the Mistress and that he is a blackmailed slave. He has to do whatever she wants due to her finding out he is wanting to get into more BDSM stuff while keeping things hidden from the boss and girlfriend.
He then tells me that he has to get with someone, i.e. ME, because I was the dumbass that called him and we meet in a hotel where I would defecate and urinate in a toilet while he would then proceed to eat it. If he does this his blackmail would be over and he can then move on into the BDSM realm. I am quite shocked that he was game to do this. Although his boss and girlfriend finding out would be a good reason to eat shit but whoa!! To get off the phone, I told him I would think on it. But after a day and him calling me back, I just knew I couldn’t do it. For one, EWWW!! And Two, I would puke all over.

Toilet Slaves.. Huh! Learn a new kink every day!

LIfe and Dungeon Fun

My blog has been really quiet, hasn’t it.  I suppose it’s for numerous reasons but mainly it was me focusing on my education and getting healthy.  I know in my past postings I whined about my back issues and having some minor surgeries.  And since then I had taken the steps to becoming more fit. Since January I manage to lose 25 pounds and feeling loads better.  Exercise really does help a body as well a decent diet. 

During this time frame I lost friend that I feel really wasn’t a friend. Twin played a good game with me and Sassyslut but lies sooner or later come to light.  I dubbed her Twin because I felt we were so much alike but the sad fact is we are totally not.   Sassyslut and I have become so close we call each other besties and we really are.  We both have the same rules of honesty and it works for us.

That being said we made it back to the dungeon.  These dungeon parties are so much fun to just let loose!  Or tied up. 😉  There are several doms that like to tie you up and I am always game for that fun time!  Gorgeous Ms. E had me all bound up so nicely that I could hardly move my arms.  She had refused to untie me so I was left to wander the dungeon for a bit until I found Ser to untie me.  I like Ser, he is a sweet guy that is quite knowledgeable with rope tying and I always ask him to tie me up.  At some point in time he is going to use me in a suspension demonstration.  It should be quite exciting!


While Ser was untying me, I found myself turned on and attracted to him. This was a little unnerving.  Only because he really is not my type!  I swear, attractions happen at the oddest times.   We’ve spoken later about this attraction and his life is quite dramatic with him being poly had literally having a harem of women (his words, not mine) that I found it distasteful enough to emphasis that play time would be strictly at the dungeon. 

There are several sub men in the dungeon that wait patiently for me to want to play.  I like to play with Sassyslut and a sweet gal, I shall call Rose.  Us three gals would then torture a guy that is willing to play. One of them is a giant of a guy, GG who is a bit of a loose cannon, so we take extra precautions to make sure he is having a good time. 

I am quite good at being a little devil causing some pain and then sweetly washing it away with my smile or gentle touch.  Sassyslut is a demon with nails that leaves a back side mapped out in details.  And Rose is the gentle touch with soft feathers and caresses.   My favorite toy at the moment is my violet wand.  GG likes to have it up to its highest level and the arcs off that puppy are amazing!  Testing the waters on him, I find he can take several hits to his nipples as well as his cock.   

One of us would be wielding a flogger, the other a violet wand and the other something soft.  Each taking turns on him to give him a sensory overload.  We then switch it up to a nails, a Wartenberg wheel, sand paper and a paddle.   We would rotate thru these different things to keep him guessing what would be next.  We didn’t do lasting damage and his only complaint was that we had to be rougher.  Ok, then!

After a little break, Sassyslut and I were asked by Rose to play with her husband Jay.  Little background on Rose and Jay, she is quite the delicious little slut and Jay loves to watch and take videos and pictures. The above picture was taking by Jay.  I love his work!  I can see some fun times with this couple cause they have all sorts of fun plans that include Sassyslut and I. YAY! 

Sassyslut and I love to play with Jay.  He is hilarious and very vocal while we torture him.  GG is very quiet and the only time I got a response was when I zapped him with the violet wand on his nipples and cock. Jay on the other hand hollers in Spanish and has us rolling while trying to torture him.

With Jay, I had Rose blind fold him while he lay down on his back.  I also asked her to get me a bottle of cold water while we were playing with him.  Sassyslut tortured him with the violet wand while I use the paddle and the wartenberg wheel on him.  I would take a few hard swats at him and switch up to the wheel and then shock him with rolling the icy cold bottle of water all over the spots he was hit. 

Rose wanders back over and tells him to stop whining and proceeds to sit on his face while we torture him some more.  He loves having a gal sit on his face.  It was always quite hilarious hearing his muffled yelps and cursing while we played with him.  After a little while she hops off him and we turn him over on to his back.  The violet wand and wartenberg wheel has him literally crawling away from us cussing up a storm and we are trying so hard not to laugh out loud.  When we are done with him he takes the wheel and tells me that it should be destroyed because it was very evil toy.  He had me laughing so much.

So sexually I have been uninterested in anyone and just waiting for someone to spark my interest.  Oh I have had my ex come sniffing back around and showering me with very nice compliments. That has me reconsidering him again.  I did warn him that if we were to start shit back up that he isn’t allowed to whine about his life.  Who wants to hear that when all you want is an orgasm? Am I right?!


Another Man’s Cock

After a nice long hiatus from POF, I decided to reactivate my profile and edited to be short, sweet, and to the point.  I eliminated all the bitchiness and kept it simple.  Surfing around I found that POF now offers gals the ability to “wink” or express interest in another person without having to say anything. 

I immediately liked it and used it on several fellas.  During this time frame of surfing I am simultaneously conversing with Sassyslut and pointed out a very tasty morsel.  We both “winked” at him and we both received a Hi from him.  Separately we talked to him but didn’t tell him of our connection.  Quickly we traded cell numbers and began texting.

He immediately asked for a picture of me.  And I asked for a face shot.  He sends me a cock shot.  It was the ugliest cock I ever saw and immediately looked away thinking “NO WAY!” and sent back I said face shot.  He sends a nerdy looking pic that looked nothing like the hot bod we saw on POF. I fired it off to Sassyslut saying this is him.  She said no way and sent me a hot pic he sent her.  Apparently me saying, “send me face shots” meant getting a nerdy look; while she said send me “Chest shots”.  Friggin figures. So ignoring the awful cock shot and nerdy pic, we talk and he asked for the naked pic and I say no.  Then he moves on to let’s hook up tonight.  What?  Um, we talked like 5 minutes and you want to hook up.  Maybe if we were drunk in a bar and we are totally hot on ya. Sure, but texting doesn’t do that for me.

I say no and he in turn says “Fuck me tonight and I will let you fuck me in the ass!”   I was floored.  Laughing I fire off a text to Sassyslut telling her what he said, she says go for it!  I am dying and sooo tempted!   But the guy lives in a city I am not familiar with and it’s also a trip to get there.  So I say I can’t. 

Laughing with Sassyslut, we decide to treat him to a Surprise Threesome; it’s been a long while for us.  But nothing was going to happen tonight so we try to hold him off.  He is unbelievably stubborn and persistent and doesn’t like to be told no.  He makes the mistake of telling Sassyslut that the cock pic wasn’t his and he would send a better one.  I send her the ugly cock pic and we are both stunned as to why he would pass off this grotesque thing as his. 

So I ask him.  He says that’s what women want.  I said Oh no we don’t.  That thing is ugly and no way is it touching me.  He was surprised and sent me his real pic and it was astronomically different from the ugly big cock.  He went from a 12 footer to a cocktail weenie.   This again shocked us and question why pass of a huge ugly cock off as your own when you are lacking in this dept. 

Grant it folks, the rest of him was god quality and we were chomping at the bit.  If we had not seen the real thing it wouldn’t have mattered and we would have been still game to play with him.  But the stupid lies and getting caught at it fucked it up for him. 

I tried telling him that he did something wrong here and that he ruins a good time by not being honest. He saw nothing wrong with it and claims women don’t care.  We both beg to differ on that.  I couldn’t help but iterate further on how fucked up he is by telling him our plan to fuck him in a threesome but now we lost interest in him. 

How sad, that even the most gorgeous man can be so warped to think passing off another man’s cock as his own is ok.  I have to say I learned a new one today.  Yikes!!


At a request to see the the Ugly Cock, just so men and women can see what is not attractive.  Here is the junk he passed off as his own.

Ugly Cock

His cock

Looking at both pics, it’s obvious he isn’t the owner of the first one. We would have been willing to over look the size since the rest of him was very nice. But Warning bells rang off so we both passed on this one. He’s made a last ditch effort to ask Sassyslut for us to reconcider but she set him straight.
Oh, and I have received my second request from another guy to use a strapon on them. Somethings telling me I am going to fuck a guy with a strapon!

Sassyslut’s take on our 3rd trip to the dungeon. 🙂 Good times!

Sassyslut's Blog

My second dungeon party wasn’t very memorable.  The third proved to be different.  My great friend and fellow blogger househo proceeded to go to our 3rd dungeon party.  My husband helped me dress.  I bouth a corsett on line and needed help to be tied into it.  Decided to bring an extra outfit with me just in case.

We get there a little early and people are just starting to get dressed to go downstairs.  I go in the bathroom and take off my sweatshirt, pants and boots.  I decide to go barefoot this time.  I slip on my favorite lacey panties and I am ready to go.  I get downstairs and there are some new people there.  This is great.  Love to see new people.

One of the guys there was waiting for househo.  He had a spreader bar and wanted to show her how it worked.  They started…

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First Dungeon Visit

It has taken Sassyslut and I almost two years to get to experience the on goings in a in Dungeon.  All sorts of things would get in the way of going and this time nothing was going to stop us from going.  Not even a snow storm. 

 We arrived an hour late but it did not matter to those there.  Faces we saw were all different from the ones we met at the previous greet and meet.  Only the hosts looked familiar and it was not unnerving at all.  Trying to keep tabs on all who was there would be hard to do so I will run thru how our evening panned out.

 The dungeon was located in the basement and we had to get dressed before entering the dungeon. The theme of the party was Mardi Gras and dominating persons were given beads to give to those deserving. The one who had the most beads won a gift and two were to be had. 

  There were more newbies in attendance than regulars but it didn’t seem like it as the night progressed. SassySlut and I got into costume and headed down to the basement. 

 Entering the dungeon, I see an older naked man fully erect massaging an Asian man on a table and half a dozen or so milling about.  I am not one for sitting still and wandered a bit until I found these mini bow and arrow nerf set and got excited.  The naked man stretched himself on the Jacob’s cross and instructed me to take shots at him. Not one to turn down some fun, I started launching darts at him.  It was hilarious and then I had Sassyslut stretch out on it to shoot at her butt.  I even gave her a kiss mark to aim for. 

During this time frame other things were going on.  There was a transsexual being dominated and tortured by a sadist and there were several spankings going on. 

 I’m not sure how long I was playing with the bow and darts but the next thing I know the transsexual walks up to me and says, “you are having too much fun” and tells me to come to her.   I approach her and she tells me to strip and I say no.  I wasn’t sure what she wanted but I knew I wasn’t going to strip.  She then shows me these leather fur lined cuffs and puts them on my wrists and then walks me over to these hanging chains and instructs me to raise my arms up over my head.  She proceeds to clip me to the chain and now I am chained and can’t move.  I then see her pick up a flogger made of leather and proceeds to tell me the rules of the game.  Green is go, Yellow means stop what you are doing and Red means all done. Once I acknowledged she began to lightly flog me and I liked it.  She then switched to a plastic flog that had a bit of a sting to it but didn’t hurt. I was able to tolerate it.  The last item she showed me was a piece of leather with holes in it that came from an old shoe.  That one took two had my yowling Yellow within two wacks.  She unleashed me by then and strapped Sassyslut up for her turn.  The gal can take the pain but she said yellow on the shoe leather.

While this was happening a submissive female was stretched on the Jacobs cross while Dom male was working her over big time.  He had her screaming out in pain and used a Wartenberg Wheel to really get her to howl.  At the end he became very attentive and sat her down to watch over her and attend to her needs.  It was very sweet moment and I liked the guy for it. 

Wartenberg wheel

Image via Wikipedia

There came a lull in the mood and conversations ran thru other things than dungeon activities when I noticed the Dom playing with some golden chain trinket and Sassyslut said it was a nipple clamp.  I was very interested in seeing it, so I called him over.  Inspecting it, I found it to be quite innocent and Dom explained how it worked. He clipped it on the web of skin between my thumb and pointer finger and it didn’t hurt.  And then he showed that if you pulled the chain it tightened and you felt the pressure.  He asked to put it on my nipple and I hesitated as Sassyslut said it hurt and suggested to place it on the areola.  I agreed to this and dropped my top. 

Clover nipple clamps

Image via Wikipedia

 By this time frame we had a crowd gathering around us and I suggested I get connected to Sassyslut.  The pressure was noticeable and I waited for Dom to attach it to Sassyslut’s areola.  When we were attached the crowd began wagering beads to whoever wore it the longest.  They tried moving us around and had us doing tug-a-wars until I was the one howling Yellow. 

We all then noticed the hostess in a corner on a medical bench with her legs strapped in stirrups and a Hitachi on her clit.  Sassyslut is a huge fan of the Hitachi and I never experienced it.  Dom is shocked that I never played with one and said we were going to take care of that right now. 

 Next thing I know is I am ushered to the other side of the dungeon that had several beds.  I’m stripping naked now and Dom is asking me questions as to what I would like and not like for him to do.  I asked that no fingers be inserted in me and left the rest up to him. I also had Sassyslut lay next to me and as I noticed a crowd gathering yet again.  I seriously wasn’t prepared for doing this because I didn’t shave my legs but it didn’t seem to matter.  There were no judgments there and I didn’t feel self conscious or untrusting at all.

 Dom started the Hitachi and placed it right on my clit.  It was an nice sensation as I cooed and then he turned it up and I was purring. There were moments that I he held one leg down while Sassyslut held down the other.  It was not a G-spot orgasms but they did were good enough to string along and had me howling in delight.

When Dom finished he kissed me several times and asked me if I was ok.  I said yes and he continued to talk to me and I realized he was assessing level of highness.  After he found me to fine I was able to sit up and one watcher handed me a hand full of beads for the show. 

I got dressed while things toned down again as we chatted about all sorts of things and I rehydrated with some water.  I was starting to get tired and wondered out loud about the bead count and who won the gifts.  I counted mine and Sassyslut counted hers; we were tied.  We were again center of attention and asked what we would do to earn more beads.  Sassy takes off her top; so I take off my top.  She takes off her panties; I took my pants back off.  We were both now naked and the beads were tied again.

 We were then asked what we would do to earn more beads and we said whatever!  Asian guy walked up with silk neckties and asked if we trusted them enough to be blind folded.  Again, no trust issues and I agreed.  Both of us blindfolded was lead a few steps from the bed and they had us standing back to back.  The boys there that enjoyed playing with ropes began to tie us up. 

 Things were a little uncomfortable because I am shorter than Sassyslut and couldn’t get a good stance without leaning up against her.  Our arms were not stretched completely up and it had some caused some straining for both of us.  We were wrapped with some vinyl tape around the waist bounded us to each other. 

 Then multiple hands and sensations started began.  Someone was running a thin feathered boa all over our bodies and between our legs. Some light flogging was all over us.  Hot and cold sensations on our nipples.  Bare body on body rubbing and hot breaths.  All the while we were feeling these sensations; we can hear Dom with his sub being face fucked and that added to the scene. Also my hands were very cold and clammy and the Asian guy began sucking on my fingers.

 After a few minutes more of the sensations we were untied and they had us facing each other.  Being shorter than Sassyslut, my face was leveled right at her boobs so I was able to motor boat her.  We were bound together again, and now our bare asses were prime targets.  We feel lots of hands all over our bodies and constant different sensations. 

 Dom was done with his sub and came over with the Wartenberg Wheel and began to run it all over my body.  Wow, what a sensation!  It brings out yelps but didn’t quite hurt. Then someone brought over the nipple clamp and bee lined to the same breast that was tortured earlier.  I was screaming yellow as fast as he put it on.

 The floggings were getting more intense while the two of us were being unbound and the moved Sassyslut further away from me and Dom moved in between us and all the while I have hands all over and being flogged.  He moves from me and I feel alone and the attention is doubled on me.  There were a few times the swats were a little harder and I was saying yellow.  Then Asian guy rubs up against me and whispers in my ear “what do you want?”  I say “what?”  He repeats it and adds “pleasure or pain”.  So I say “pleasure!”

 I was then released from the bonds but my hands were still bound and I was still blind folded I was guided back to the bed and tossed face first down on the bed. I was then massaged and someone was paying detailed attention to my feet.  I then felt the Hitachi revisiting my clit and more hands rubbing me all over my back.  Someone sat at my head and removed the rope so my hands would warm up.  But he continued to keep me bound.  I was then asked by the Asian if I was allergic to latex and I said yes.  He came back with vinyl gloves and started to play with my puss while the Hitachi was riding my clit.

 After a few minutes of this I was turned over and he continued to play with my puss and the guy at my head was holding down my hands and playing with my tits at the same time.  It was awesome! 

 When I was done, the Asian guy removed my blind fold and told me that they had let Sassyslut  lose some time back and that I was flying solo for quite a while.  So again, I was center attention and not quite sure how that happened.

 I piped up stating that I won then, right?!   I did 😉  But to be fair so did Sassyslut.  We both got the toys up for grabs.  YAY!!!

 So I know this was long winded but I wanted to share my first Dungeon experience.  I haven’t had this much fun and so willingly to be on display like I was.  This is something that I find exciting and willing to figure out.

But interestingly enough, I started out as a top and ended up being a bottom.

Atta Girl

Sometimes life can give you run for your money and sometimes it can make feel like you are stuck in a rut.  I have been in the rut and needed to get a little stupid.  So why not go out with my slut sisters and have a night of delinquencies. 

Sassyslut, my twin and I went on a drive to a hit a casino and possibly a strip joint.  It seemed that we all needed a good drunken night out and off we went.  We chatted about all our relationships outside of our marriages and our hubbies.  Hanging with the gals is something so precious to me because there are in the same frame of mind as I am and the conversations flow into seriously funny wrongness.  We always attract double takes by our bawdiness and it is hilarious.

The casino was pretty cool for the most part; would’ve rocked if I won more than $20. But the booze was flowing and I kept pressing my button to see if I would win more.  Nope! 

After we were tapped out we sat to drink some more wine and chatted up a storm.  We decided to pay a visit to a fella that SassySlut had an issue with.  She wanted to confront him and well we all had some liquid courage to do it properly.  Sassy lifted the three wine glasses we drained and off to his house we went. 

The glasses were to pee in them and put them on his door step.. or something silly like that.  Yeah it’s gross but when you are drinking the mind thinks up wild stuff and we thought it was a good idea.  So here we are outside his house and it’s Midnight.  Of course he would be up.  Oh, did I mention he lives at his parent’s house? Yeah..

So Sassy refuses to get outta the car to confront the guy.  I was like “are you kidding?  We drove an hour to get here and you’re not doing anything?  Fine! I will.” Out the car I go and up to the house.  I see the neighbor has a light on in their garage and people in there.  I can’t get to the door to the house cause there is a gate blocking my way and the screened in porch entrance was a blocked from the inside by a Christmas tree.    All this time I am hollering back at the car asking how to get to the door and neither gals get out with me.  Sassy directs me to the gate and I find the latch to open it.  As soon as I slid it up, I hear dogs inside start barking and I beeline it back to the car.

In the car we talk more and I asked Sassy what she planned on doing the glasses.  She didn’t want to do anything with them.  So again I said “Fine!  I will do it.”  Out the car I go and thru the window I took the three glasses and truck back up to the house. 

The sound of breaking glass is quite loud at midnight; especially when you huff three of them up against a house.  From the car I hear the gals hollering for me to get back and I ran back to the car only to find my door locked.  I must have locked it on my way out ( friggin child lock!!).   They let me in and up the road we dash.  We had to turn around and pass his house again; when I see the light on and a man standing outside the door.  I holler someone is there and let’s go talk to him.  But my twin just kept driving. 

The gals were worried about getting caught and being arrested but I wasn’t.  I think it would have been fun.  They said that their husbands would have had a cow about the whole thing and I said mine would have given me a ‘Atta girl!”  I even fired off a text to hubby stating “Being bad, honey!  You’d be so proud!!”  and his response..  “Atta Girl!!!” 

So even though we didn’t get arrested since this happened last night and the douche bag can’t prove it was Sassy(err.. me) who did the .. well I guess I vandalized a house!  It did come out to a fun evening and refreshed me for the next year.

Happy New Year everyone!  My evening  will be snuggled in with my Hubby watching Spartacus while sipping Champagne.

Idling Sheman

It’s been a long time since I have written about Sheman but it was due to very little communications between us that kept things on hiatus.  So, lemme catch you all up.  She had taken a CMA job in April and started working double shifts and over time to pay back some of her debts.  All this means that she had no life and everything was put on hold. 

I was quite fine with the situation.  It got her outta my hair for a while and I wasn’t feeling pressured anymore for constant hook ups.  I saw her here and there over the summer but it was all fleetingly.  The last time we saw each other was on Halloween.  We chatted for the longest time outside my door and I came to the realization that even though she is a pain in my ass; I missed her.  I truly like her and I like hanging out with her because we have so much in common.   I told her so via text that day and we were supposed to get together shortly after that but something came up.  I think she had to work. 

So time flies and life gets in the way every so often we would fire off a text to each other and it was more of hit or miss between us.  Here comes Christmas and I wanted to see her.  We set up a time and she waffled, work again.  The next day she had off and so we planned to just to do her errands and reconnect. 

We shopped and I bought her a late Christmas gift and then took her to breakfast for lunch.  Turns out we both love breakfast any time of the day.  I was thrilled!!  We chatted about her relationship with her “wife” Kat and it seems that her Open Marriage has exploded.  Hubby doesn’t cut it for her anymore and she wants out.  I mentioned that I knew that kind of relationship wouldn’t work.  One spouse cannot be that selfish in wanting to have extra martial affairs and not allow the other to have them.  It’s bullshit.  The man claims he doesn’t want to step outside the marriage but I don’t believe that.  There is some deep harboring resentment there that has bubbled up to the surface and has caused irreparable damages. That with the fact the man doesn’t know his wife and has loads of bad traits. 

As I listen to Sheman castrate the man I couldn’t help but toss in that it takes two people to make a marriage work.  That Kat is not an angel and that she is just as much to blame as he is for the failure of their union.  She had to agree with me and has some trepidation for what the future could be bringing her way.  Kat divorces her hubby and wants Sheman to move in with her.  Wants Sheman to be the parent to her children that hubby is incapable of being.  And I tossed in for added measure that I would have to leave the picture of this happy scenario. 

For the first time know Sheman, I seen her tell me that she has no intentions of moving in with Kat after hubby is gone.  She in fact signed her lease for another year at her apartment.  Sheman is putting on the breaks for her freedom.  I was so very impressed with her!  She must have realized she needs to slow things down and not go so fast.  I am really digging this side of her! 

Anyways, long story short; Sheman is not out of the picture just idling in the background for a few spare moments here and there.  I also have another year with her to see where things could go.   🙂


Haven’t posted in a while, could be I just needed some down time.  Life likes to get in the way of being a Ho sometimes.  SassySlut and I have met a few hopefuls.  But due to holidays, colds, friggin bills and.. well yeah that’s about it; we haven’t set up any fun times.  Actually that isn’t true, we did set up a play date with a guy that begged for a second chance at meeting him. 

He was one of those cuties that you look at and just let him trickle thru without any questions.  Or it could be that I was just plain horny and he looked just tasty enough to say “Don’t care who you are, lets meet!”  So we set it up at a busy spot that had a deli attached and waited.  And waited.. and well you get where this is fucking going right?

We both email him, thanking him for wasting our time.  See he had to drive over an hour to come see us and again I broke a rule of staying local.  Stupid crotch..   Anyways, he claims he was there in the parking lot.  What dumb ass would drive an hour to meet to women for a shot at a threesome that he was most definitely going to get and not take the initiative to go in and fucking see if we were there?  Makes no sense and extremely lame excuse; yet we met him again.  Same spot and wow what a connection!  He was perfect and we set up a play date for the following Monday. 

We exchanged cell numbers and started chatting and then he starts asking for picture.  I sent him one and asked for one from him.  He reciprocated but then asked for more risqué pics.  I said no he will get to see the goods on Monday.  Mind you during our luncheon he bragged about conversing 10 women at a time and we were amongst them.  Dude was dog and we could have cared less.  For me it was even hotter knowing this.  But after texting with him it was plain to see the fucker just wanted a cache of naked pics of women he may or may not sleep with.  So I ended the conversation with I have to go now and play mom to the family. 

Come Monday, he contacts my girl because he knows she is more lenient then I am and canceled our date.  Shocker.  We get a lot of that.  All talk and no action.  So for the time frame we are taking a hiatus from finding a stud to play with until after the holidays.

I’m fine with that.  Hubby is satisfactorily ringing my bell so I am in no rush.  I love my relationship with my hubby and always feel grateful for a wonderful man.  My Christmas wish is that my slut sisters find a love that is fulfilling and is treated like they should be or how they want to be.   

Merry Christmas to you all!

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